Champagne Andre Heucq “Heritage” Saignee Rose de Meunier Brut Nature, Cuisles, Vallee de la Marne, France

Cuisles is a little village of 150 inhabitants located in the heart of Vallee de la Marne. The Vallee de La Marne is not generally thought of as an area lacking in rain but Cuisles, tucked away in its little vale perpendicular to the Marne, gets 25% less annual rainfall than the villages actually on the river. Thanks to this unusual combination of soil and micro-climate, Meunier wines from Cuisles can truly be said to be ‘champagnes de terroir’. They have a mineral quality that is rare in other Meunier wines and, contrary to what is sometimes said about Meunier, they have good ageing potential. 70% Meunier, 30% Chardonnay. The color is pink, slightly purple, and dressed in very active bubbles. The presentation is appetizing. The nose shows personality. We perceive stone fruit notes like cherry and plum, scent of violets and strawberries. The expression denotes beautiful youth and real quality of harvest. The attack in the mouth is fresh, then the wine is put in place with lightness and flexibility. The effervescence and the combination give the pace of the tasting over a fluid and flexible structure. The texture can evoke the softness and warmth of the cotton. The finish, very intense, resumes in firmness and lengthens for 7 to 8 seconds. It ends its race with a slight hint of bitterness.