Dehesa de la Granja 2018, Castilla-Leon, Spain

Dehesa La Granja is a red wine from Castilla-Leon developed by Dehesa La Granja, a winery founded in the late 90s in Guarena. It is one of the wineries belonging to the Familia Fernández Rivera. The climate in this area is subtropical and Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and dry, hot summers with highs of up to 40-42 degrees C. The average temperature is 16.6 degrees C. This wine is a varietal Tempranillo (100%) from 96 hectares of vineyards planted in trellises. Dehesa La Granja spends 24 months in American oak barrels and 12 months in the bottle aging. The barrels are kept in underground cellars carved in stone, which give this wine the perfect conditions of temperature and humidity. These were excavated for 17 years in the eighteenth century, from 1750 to 1767.