Lava Cap Reserve Chardonnay 2021, El Dorado, California

Lava Cap Chardonnay develops intense fruit flavors imparted from the unique volcanic Lava Cap soil and the high elevation vineyard terrain. “At over 2700’ we are one of the highest commercial vineyards in California, where the ripening grapes are cooled by the crisp mountain air. Vineyard manager and owner Charlie Jones strategically reserved the steep north facing slopes of the Jones Estate for Chardonnay vines to ensure this complex white variety is provided the long mellow ripening season that preserves delicate acidity and promotes complex flavor development. To balance the complexity of the Chardonnay fruit, Joe Norman head winemaker, selects an array of French barrel producers to ferment and age the wine. To develop our characteristic richness, 80% of our Chardonnay ferments and ages in barrel for 10 months while the remaining lots ferment and age in small stainless steel tanks. This allows us to use up to 7 unique yeast strains including wild and exotic selections. During fermentation and aging the lees are stirred imparting a rich pie crust note on the mid palate and finish. The final wine displays rich zesty lemon and apple blossom aromas that leads into pleasant notes of Bartlett pear and a light toasty vanilla finish.”