Jadot Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 2019 Domaine Louis Jadot, Burgundy, France

The commune of Vougeot is in the center of the Cote de Nuits, flanked on the north by Chambolle-Musigny and on the south by Flagey-Echezeaux and Vosne-Romanee. This grand cru is the walled vineyard of Clos Vougeot (124 acres). The geologic composition ranges from chalky clay, high in pebbles, on the higher parts of the slope, to moist, compact soil richer in humus and with fewer pebbles on the lower. These variations in soil, and the numerous individual owners, account for the variation in the wines. Louis Jadot is one of the principal owners in the Clos Vougeot, with a 6.36-acre parcel assembled primarily from its acquisition of the vineyards of Clair Dau and Domaines Champy in the 1980s; Jadot controls, in addition to this, another 1.73 acres through long-term contracts. It is vinified to produce a rich wine of power and depth which retains a subtlety of body and elegant complexity, with full, fragrant and distinctly floral bouquet.