Marcel Deiss Grasberg Cru d’Alsace 2017, Alsace, France

Located on the “Grasberg”, at an altitude of 340 m with a North-East exposure at the top of the Grand Cru “Altenberg de Bergheim” which rests on the poor limestone of the Grande Oolithe. The thinness of the soil leads the vine to plunge deep into the subsoil in search of energy giving a very complex and long wine, marked by the poor limestones of the Grande Oolithe where the vine must deeply search for the ultimate Energy of its reproduction. The Grasberg is entirely tense, tight and complex and bears witness to this initiatory quest. Varietals: Companion planting of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer. A complex wine from Jurassic limestone terroir. Very persistent, marked by its minerality. Grasberg has tension, and this initial tightness indicates the complexity that will express itself in time. The nose explodes with candied citrus, winter orange, fresh mint leaves. The palate is entirely built on the acidic energy of perfectly ripe citrus fruits. The length of the softer finish demonstrates the rare vibrancy of this wine.