Konpira Maru Pan Opticon 2021, Merkel Vineyard, King Valley, Victoria, Australia

70% Riesling, 25% Pinot Gris, 5% Gewurztraminer. Merkel Vineyard straddles the ridge (~550m above sea level) running up to Mount Bellevue on a forgotten outpost of Whitlands, scythed off by the erosive action of the mighty Boggy Creek that runs between them. A glorious spot featuring panoramic views of the valleys surrounding it, it is quite the breathtaking vantage point, and a lovely spot to grow grapes. Panopticon, the all seeing eye, seemed appropriate, not only topographically but philosophically, for this is a wild area of true pioneers with more than their fair share of a rebellious streak. Tasting notes: Tropical acid! Imagine all of the fruit components of a scroggin (no chocolate/no nuts), dried apple, pineapple, a bit of paw paw and some sharp apricot. Then throw in some electric acidity, not sour acid, yummy, saliva inducing acid.