Benevolent Neglect GSM 2019, North Coast, California

Sourced from their North Coast and Sonoma vineyards this GSM is a blend of 50% Mourvèdre, 30% Grenache, and 20% Syrah. Minimal intervention is lthe best way to describe the winemaking style. “We use very little new oak, no oak substitutes, and no industrial additives. If we get the farming right and the weather co-operates we won’t do any additions of water or acidity to alter the natural balance of the wine. We will occasionally ferment with whole clusters if it helps to bring out the best qualities of the vineyard, and try our hardest never to over-extract tannins from the skins and seeds. All of our red wines are unfined and unfiltered, with some whites getting filtered simply to ensure stability in bottle for the consumer. We believe in transparent winemaking, doing things the natural way, and being open to experimentation.” – Winery