Terras Gauda Abadia de San Campio Albarino 2021, DO Rias Baixas, Spain

The Albarino grapes that make up Abadia de San Campio were selected from vineyards situated in Goian and harvested on 23 and 24 September. These grapes were collected after a rainy spring followed by an August with very high peak temperatures, and a dry and sunny September; this led to excellent maturation of the grapes, translating into a full-flavored, lively and enjoyable Albarino wine. This wine is made from the Albarino grown in our highest-altitude, less humid, cooler vineyards where there is a greater day-night temperature differential, thus favoring slower ripening, giving us a fresher Albarino of great aromatic intensity, a greater degree of acidity and smoothness on the palate. The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the winery in crates weighing no more than 18 Kg, thus preventing the grapes from prematurely splitting open. After pre-fermentation cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation is carried out using our own native yeast, isolated from our own vineyard. After this, the wine is left to rest for the necessary time period, stabilized and finally bottled. The 2021 Abadia de San Campio Albarino displays the unique characteristics of the Galician terroir in Spain. This white wine has aromas of ripe grapefruit, lemons and other citrus, accompanied by soft notes of tropical fruit, ripe peach and delicate aromas of confectioner’s custard. Perfectly balanced on the palate, this white wine is characteristically vibrant with a lively acidity and a long finish. This wine was aged up to 3 years in stainless steel tanks.