Peltier Triomphe Red Blend 2018, Lodi, California

Sustainable farming, exceptional winemaking and the worms that help make it all possible, this is the story of Peltier Winery & Vineyards, then, now and for generations to come! All of the 1,000 acres are farmed sustainably according to Lodi Rules, a third party certified program created for the Lodi Appellation by a committee of scientists, growers, a wildlife biologist, and farm advisors. It is the care for the land, air, water, habitat, and worker with a long-term vision focusing on farming for the future of the land. Vineyard practices: Owl boxes are placed throughout the vineyards to encourage a natural habitat for owls who become the pest control for gophers and meadow voles. Cover crops are planted to promote soil health, prevent erosion and increase organic matter which reduces tractor use and dust while promoting healthy air quality. Water conservation is achieved with drip irrigation. Soil is kept healthy with the addition of organic matter and compost. The work farm is an energy efficient way to treat the process water for re-use in the vineyard. 2018 vintage – Aromas: Black currant, blueberry, brown sugar, smokey oak, clove, white pepper. Tasting notes: Boysenberry, black plum, cacao, star anise.