Mossback Pinot Noir 2021, Russian River Valley, California

The beautiful ruby color in the glass leads to enticing aromas of cherry, chocolate and a hint of leather. The flavors follow through with sweet black cherry, cranberry, cocoa and oak spice. This classic Pinot Noir is plush and full-flavored with a bright finish that cleanses the palate for another sip. The term MOSSBACK is an old-time expression for farmers, folks who are both connected to their roots and to the land. The Giguiere family has a strong, storied tradition of farming out here in the Dunnigan Hills, which is why we hold these folks in high regard. These wines are a nod to those men and women, who understand more than anyone the delicate relationship between vine, climate and soil. The grapes were hand harvested in 1/2-ton bins. Part of the lots were destemmed into small fermenters where the must was chilled to 45°F for 72 hours for its ‘cold soak’ to enhance the pretty berry and cherry aromas. The tanks were allowed to warm naturally and slowly to activate native fermentation. Once started, the tanks were pumped over several times a day to extract all the richness from the skins of the grapes without any bitter or astringent qualities. The remaining lots were destemmed into small open-top fermenters and punched down daily, by hand, to extract deep color and favors from the grapes. Both lots were pressed off at dryness and then aged in Hungarian and French oak barrels.