Champagne Drappier Quattuor Blanc de Quatre Blancs Extra Brut, Urville, Reims, France

A unique blend of the historic varieties: 25% each Petit Meslier, Arbane, Blanc Vrai, and Chardonnay. Arbane was brought in the region by Romans and produces dry, lively wines with a very marked bouquet. Petit Meslier, an almost extinct grape after the Phylloxera, brings plenty of fruit and a flinty taste from low yields. Blanc Vrai is just the local name for Pinot Blanc, the variety mainly found in Alsace which generates lightness in the blend. Made in stainless steel tanks, Quattuor preserves the true olfactory characteristics of this very special blend thanks to the Drappier family by making sure to have no wood interference. All in all, the Quattuor cuvee is the only Champagne in the world made out of 4 white varieties. Aromas of very fresh grapes and citrus fruits evolving towards notes of honeyed apples and fig jam, borne by a bouquet of white flowers. On the palate, a Champagne with great freshness, mineral and chiseled, and a very persistent finish.