Badger Mountain NSA Organic Riesling 2022, Columbia Valley, Washington

Badger Mountain Vineyard, founded by Bill Powers in 1982, is the first wine grape vineyard to be USDA Certified Organic in Washington State. (1990) Bill’s visionary organic farming practices live on with winemaker Jose Mendoza, who is in his 3ed decade with Badger Mountain/Powers winery. He works with primarily Arete Vineyard – also an organic site – on Radar Hill near Othello, Washington for his organic Riesling, which includes Badger Mountain fruit (28%) This Riesling breaks down some stereotypes, starting with its bone-dry profile, starting with bright citrus aromas of starfruit, Key lime, fresh-pressed apple cider and grassiness. Those starfruit and Key Lime notes make their way on to the palate, which brings in quince at the midpoint. Tingly acidity and peach skin in the finish do more than balance the .8% residual sugar.