Avia Merlot 2020, Goriska Brda in Slovenia

This 100% varietal wine is a beautiful dark ruby red color with violet hues. This smooth wine has nice pleasant tannins giving the wine a softer pleasant mouth feel and finish. The black cherry and raspberry notes are enjoyable nuances. Fermentation: 100% in stainless steel. Maturation: 50% in stainless steel, 50% French oak. Goriska Brda Region – Brda (meaning hills) – a fairy tale landscape, from where the view stretches out to the sea, Friuli and Veneto, a land of hills, nested halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The soils of the Brda region are composed of ocean sediment mass. After the sea disappeared, layers of flysh, sandstone and limestone remained. It is the marlstone which provides the best basis for high quality wines. At first, the soil was rich in limestone but under the influence of the sun and rain it decomposed and thus sandy clayous soil came into being. During decomposition, the limestone is washed out. Form slightly alkaline the soil becomes neutral which is a prerequisite for the growth of vine. The soil is mainly shallow. It is deepened only if ploughed (regosol) and since it is not compact it is often erosion-prone.