Timeplace Wine Company Grenache 2019, El Jamon Sheldon Hills Vineyard, Lodi, California

It all started with the wine – a passion to produce single varietals that are vibrant and fresh, from carefully sourced vineyard sites. The inspiration was found in the truth that wine is a perfect reflection of time & place, the climate & season, the site & study, and that moment you share a bottle with friends & family. time: 7:02:50 am | 2014-04-04 | tuesday | sunrise on april fool’s day. place: stono river | johns island | south carolina. 32.725356° N , -80.0098325° W. artwork: john duckworth | “little known public access to the stono river that is an all-time favorite of mine for watching the sunrise. hidden at the end of burden creek road, a dirt road lined with a beautiful live oak canopy, this pot never ceases to inspire. as i walk into the water in my hip-waders, it feels like a baptism every time. incredible way to start the day.” 7 barrels. Vineyard notes: 4 year old, head trained, dry farmed, red ferrus soils with small deposits of clay. When looking at a GPS map of the vineyard, it literally looks like leg of ham or what the Bokisch family lineage would call “Jamon”. Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: “Half tone whole clusters were left in to add complexity and tell a bit more of the vineyard’s story. Punch downs in half and 3/4 ton bins, indigenous primary and secondary fermentation, aged sur lees 8 months in neutral French oak barrels. Big, floral nose of gardenia, cassis, red meats and tea. Background notes of white pepper, spring flowers and garrigue, big ole’ chewy mouthful of cassis, ripe blackberry and tobacco. Finishes way, way long with a spicy grip of rhubarb pie and ripe tannins.” Jamey Whetstone, Winemaker.