TimePlace Mourvèdre 2018, Sheldon Hills Vineyard, Lodi, California

It all started with the wine – a passion to produce single varietals that are vibrant and fresh, from carefully sourced vineyard sites. The inspiration was found in the truth that wine is a perfect reflection of time & place, the climate & season, the site & study, and that moment you share a bottle with friends & family. Mourvedre: time 8:26:44 pm | 2013-06-22 | saturday. Place: kiawah river | johns island | south carolina 32.601938° N , -80.131139° W. Artwork: john duckworth | “this particular evening timed sunset with an astronomical high tide caused by a super moon. the foreground in this image is normally marsh grass, but the tide covered it all and allowed me the luxury of ‘walking on water’. looking out over the kiawah river, the water was so smooth it reminded me of mercury.” 3 barrles produced