San Elias Carmenere 2022, Central Valley, Chile

Alberto Sr. and Alberto Jr. founded Vina Siegel (now Siegel Family Wines) in 1980. They started planting vineyards in Colchagua and building the Winery in Santa Cruz. The Colchagua Valley is located in the Central Zone of Chile. It is a ‘Transverse Valley”, which means that it is a valley formed by a river, in this case the Tinguiririca, running east-to-west towards the ocean. The valley cuts out at a ridge or mountain at right angles. The Colchagua valley is the leading fine-wine producing region in Chile. It is in this valley where Alberto Siegel grew his first vines, which would later become Siegel Wines. Now they have more than 700 hectares (1,729 acres) planted, which are located in the Andean foothills and the coastal zone of the valley. This wine is 100% Carmenere. Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation between 26º and 28º to get more color and structure. Post fermenting maceration for about one week. Then the juice was separated from the skins. Part of the wine was put in oak. Complete malolactic fementation. After the blend was done, a soft clarification, a cold stabilization, and a filtration were done. When bottling, an on-line filtration was done through a plate and a membrane filter to assure microbiological stability. Aging: 15% of the volume for 3 months in oak. Winemaker’s notes: Lovely and intense ruby color. It has a nice aroma that reminds of black fruits, black pepper and tones of vanilla. In the mouth: fresh and well rounded, juicy tannins, good concentration and persistency.