Leitz Riesling Eins-Zwei-Zero Non-Alcohol Riesling, Rudesheim, Johannisberg, Germany

“Our dealcoholized Riesling appeals to people who appreciate the taste and complexity of wine, but who are searching for an alcohol-free alternative. The Eins-Zwei-Zero is not only dealcoholized, but also low in fat, low in sugar, and contains roughly one third of the calories that traditional wine with alcohol contains. By removing the alcohol, we also remove the metabolism-slowing down and dehydrating effects associated with it, as well as the many risks brought about by being under the influence of alcohol. The technique: To remove the alcohol from our wine, a gentle vacuum distillation has been used, to preserve the natural Riesling flavors. We have chosen this modern technique, because it allows us to extract the alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature (around 30 degrees C). No flavors will be lost through the treatment of the wine through the dealcoholization process. Taste: The Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero offers an original character that is clean and fresh with notes of lime and citrus; surprisingly rhubarb and a little hint of red apples on an underlying mineral base. The finish is dry and relatively long. Of course, an alcohol-free wine never will give the same depth, structure, and weight as a wine with alcohol, but this is extremely close to it and it is simply an alcohol-free wine tasting wine. 100% Riesling