Kiralyudvar Tokaji Furmint Sec 2020, Hungary

The Tokaj region is historically regarded for its first-class dessert wines. At Kiralyudvar the climatic conditions are ideal for producing this estate-produced Sec, a full-bodied dry white wine that captures the essence of Kiralyudvar. The sugar levels of the fruit in Tokaj are naturally high. A modern expression of a traditional wine in the Tokaj region, Kiralyudvar’s Furmint is a late harvest semi-sweet wine with a dry, relaxed finish. During the harvest, ripe furmint berries which have been partially affected by botrytis cinerea are bunch-selected. These berries originate from the estate vineyards with higher elevations, which give the wine its unique shape and cool herbaceous flavors. Precisely crafted in the Kiralyudvar style, the wine undergoes fermentation within a temperature controlled environment. Afterwards, the wine is aged for a period of four to eight months in 500 liter Hungarian oak casks, allowing layers of floral tones to develop in the wine, while retaining its original white fruit flavors. Primarily Furmint wit hup to 10% Harslevelu in the blend. Sourced from estate vineyards located in Tokaji’s heartland in the towns of Mad and Bodrogkeresztur. All are historically important grand cru sites including Henye, Percze, Becsek, and the great Lapis. Farmed biodynamically, hand harvested. Fruit is gently pressed. Wild yeasts spurs natural fermentation in 500 liter Hungarian oak barrels. Introduced by the domaine in ’05, this innovative dry wine wonderously balances Furmint’s viscous intensity and bright acidity.