Emilio Bulfon Cianorie Vino Rosso 2022, Tre Venezie, Italy

Emilio Bulfon has long been famous in Friuli for his rediscovery of many ancient grape varieties. Until about thirty five years ago, they seemed to have been lost, overwhelmed by undergrowth and human neglect, in the foothills near Pordenone about an hour and a half north east of Verona. Historically, this has always been wine country and Bulfon’s unique passion gave the varieties a new lease on life. He treated them with the respect worthy of archaeological remains and replanted them, with advice from local experts. Much of the rediscovered historical record found referencing these grapes shows their existence in the region for at least two or three hundred years. On May 6, 1991, a decree signed by the Minister For Agriculture And Forests included the Forgiarin, Piculit Neri, Sciaglin and Ucelut varieties in the National Catalogue of Vines. Color: Ruby red, Bouquet, Fruity. Taste: Warm and vinous. Cianoros – Medium to light ruby. On the nose, mixed berries, orange roses and red plums, skins and all. It’s pulpy with a curious sweet tone. One the palate – While fresh, it’s the immediate drying tannic action that distinguishes it.