Château Guiraud 1er Cru Sauternes 2001, 750ml, Bordeaux, France

45 km south from Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne River, Château Guiraud extends over 128 hectares. The whole estate is located in the village of Sauternes. Only Semillon (65%) and Sauvignon (35%) are planted at Guiraud with a pruning “à cots” or “in fan” for the Semillons and long branches for the Sauvignons. The average age of the vines is 35-40 years. The average yield is 12hl/ha. The maximum yield allowed by the appellation is 25hl/ha. Harvest is only done by hand picking only the botrytised berries. A minimum of potential alcohol (20°) must be reached before starting the harvest. The fermentation is made in new oak barrels over a period of three weeks to two months. Different batches are fermented until they reach their own equilibrium which depends upon their selection. The aging in barrels lasts 24 months. “Guiraud 2001 presents intense aromas, hawthorn flowers, fresh fruit, with a minty note which characterizes the vintage. The botrytis is terribly here, with fresh pepper, black tea flavors and a mysterious and wild side which calls for keeping it in the bottle. The feeling in mouth is magnificent, soft, but robust. The tonic feeling of the botrytis is amplified by a great freshness. Mouth aromas strengthens up the nose: the botrytis now shows them crystallized, of great precision and purity. The aftertaste is long. The sugar power never gives heaviness: It is the magic of natural sugars sublimated by botrytis. The liquor is fresh and light.