Champagne Jean Josselin Audace Rose Extra Brut, A Gye Sur Seine, France

The Josselin family have been winegrowers for generations, acquiring their first vineyard in 1854 on the land abutting Gye sur Seine, a champagne village crossed by the Seine River. Starting with some parcels inherited from his parents, Jean Josselin labored hard and built his vineyards among the best hillsides of the region, replete with evocative names: Beauregard, Davasgne, Cosvigne. In 1957, the great champagne adventure began, when he created his own brand: Champagne Jean Josselin. “We cultivate the three main varietals of champagne, in a continental climate on soils of clay and limestone, allowing us to create elegant and fruity champagnes.In particular, the Pinot Noir vines find all the key elements conducive to their good development in our clay/limestone soil from the Kimmeridgian period. It allows the Pinot Noir grown on this soil to best express its fruitiness, finesse, and delicacy.” By vinifying each parcel separately, we build a deep knowledge of our parcels over the years. It’s a long and exacting task, requiring attention at all times. Beautiful rich red color. Nose dominated by fruits of the forest, red currants and raspberries. Rich mouthfeel with a lot of fruit and a red currant and liquorice finish.