Big Table Farm Pinot Noir 2022, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Big Table Farm is the collaborative effort of Brian Marcy and Clare Carver. They are a winemaker and an artist, and grow and produce what they love to eat and drink. They moved to Oregon from Napa and bought property in the Willamette Valley. “The 2022 Willamette Valley Pinot noir is as always comprised of all the vineyards we work with – each is treated with equal diligence and as Brian says, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Vinified in the house style – 100% whole cluster, fermented with whatever yeast blows in the door and nurtured to dryness and perfect extraction with a combination of foot trodding and pumpovers, and a gentle press. Then put into barrel with a combination of new(some) and old (mostly) and then stirred and topped weekly until the malolactic conversion is complete. We bottle after 10 months in barrel without any fining or filtration. Tasting notes: This wine unfolds its tale with an aromatic prelude of dried roses, coriander and muddled raspberry. Venture deeper into the glass and the story darkens, revealing a core of a forest at dusk. Candied bacon, anise and strawberry guava parade across the palate with a savory sweetness. A narrative of flavors, each sip is a chapter in its own right, a story that promises to linger after the curtain falls, leaving you yearning for just one more taste of its enchanting story.