Andis Painted Fields Old Vine Zinfandel 2021, Sierra Foothills, California

Andis Wines is a 22,000 square foot state of the art winemaking facility designed under two tenets: 1) Design a winery that can make great wine, and 2) Make it pretty. Andy and Janis worked hand-in-hand with Sage Architecture for well over a year to come to a design that would achieve that goal. “Our estate grown Zinfandel vines are now 40 years old and completely dry farmed. The combination of maturity and no irrigation, aside from mother nature, forces the vines to struggle a bit and seek water deeper into the soils. By stretching their root systems through many layers of soil, a variety of minerals and nutrients are brought into the grapes. The grapes produced by these vines are smaller with a higher skin to juice ratio. This allows us to make highly concentrated wines, dense with flavor and texture. Additionally, our vines are self-regulating in that they will not over crop. We get smaller yields but higher quality grapes from these vineyards.” Painted Fields Old Vine Zinfandel pays homage to our farmers who believed in Zinfandel and held these vineyards for decades, and in some cases, for over a century. Sourced from several old vine vineyards throughout the Sierra Foothills AVA to capture the essence of various soil types, elevations, and microclimates. We compose a Zinfandel very similar to what was likely produced here during the California Gold Rush of the 1800s. A well-balanced, layered, and seamless wine offering tons of fresh blackberry and raspberry flavors wrapped in a bracing texture of fine-grained tannins and bright acidity. 95% Zinfandel, 5% Barbera. Fermentation: Temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Aging: 14 months in 15% new French oak barrels.