Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2018, Alsace, France

The wine-growing history of Maison Trimbach dates back to 1626. Sheltered by the Vosges Mountains and exposed to maximum sunshine, the Ribeauvillé fault line offers a rich mosaic of soils (limestone, sandstone, marl, clay, etc.). These natural assets provide the perfect conditions for an array of aromatic grape varieties. The 40 hectares that make up the Trimbach estate stretch over more than 50 parcels and 6 villages, including Bergheim, Ribeauvillé and Hunawihr. On the Trimbach estate, the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand. They are then delicately pressed before gravity gently carries the juice to the cellar. It is here where the meticulous work of Pierre Trimbach (12th generation) begins as he vinifies and matures his wines with precision and finesse, constantly mindful of conserving the purity of the particular grape variety and the soul of the unique terroir. Old wooden casks are used alongside stainless steel tanks, a harmonious example of tradition and modernity working together in the winery. Trimbach wines are bottled in the spring following the harvest to ensure freshness and fruitiness are exemplified in each of the wines. After being bottled in spring, the wines are released on the market according to their maturity. Some will not leave the cellars until they have spent five or seven years patiently maturing in the bottle – the time needed to achieve this highly-coveted, perfect balance. The fruitiest and the spiciest of the varietals – a unique wine. It is in Alsace that this grape variety reaches the height of perfection. Its dry personality makes it ideal as an aperitif and it pairs extremely well with specialty cuisine with pronounced flavors. Gewurztraminer is a fine accompaniment for fish or seasoned meats, spicy and exotic dishes, soft cheeses (such as the famous Munster), and a plethora of desserts.