Foucher-Lebrun Vouvray La Vigne des Sablons Demi-Sec 2022, Loire, France

Foucher-Lebrun is a small negociant specializing in wines from the Loire Valley. The company’s mission is to convey as accurately as possible the expression of the appellations in the Loire region by careful selection, vinification and aging of its wines. Foucher-Lebrun was founded in 1921 by Paulin Lebrun, a cooper by trade, who developed the company by servicing a clientele made up of restaurants and cafes. During the 1950s, his son-in-law, Raymond Foucher, began bottling the company’s wines and in 1985 handed over the management to his son, Jacky Foucher. “Tasting Notes – Foucher Lebrun has selected for your enjoyment this 100% Chenin semi-sweet vouvray, with aromas of pear and apricot. It’s natural acidity confers it freshness and a perfectly balanced palate. Serving Suggestion – It will be a perfect companion for poultry and desserts. We suggest serving it at 8 to 10 degrees C and wish you a most enjoyable tasting.”