El Porvenir de Cafayate Amauta Absoluto Torrontes 2022, Valle de Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

El Porvenir – literally translated: “The future of”- is rooted in the family’s love of Cafayate and its people. Amauta (“the great teacher” or “wise man” in Quechua) wines represent a snapshot of Cafayate’s terroir through a pure, clear view. Laborum (“from our work”, in Latin) wines reflect the human interaction with nature, highlighting Cafayate’s growing conditions while integrating the signature of the winemaking team to create wines with deeper fruit notes, complexity and finesse. 100% Torronte’s. Vineyards: Finca El Retiro: vineyards located at 1.650 mts (1,413 ft) above sea level in Cafayate Valley, Salta. Fermentation: Use of selected yeast. Carbonic maceration for 4 hours. Alcoholic fermentation for 25 days at a temperature between 13oC y 15o C. Non spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Tasting Notes: Eyes: yellow with bright greenish tonalities, bright and vivacious. Nose: fresh, fruity, tropical; intense with a second aroma of flower along with citric notes. Mouth: fresh, young, fruity. Good structure, balanced and with a very good acidity.