Ca’del Bosco Franciacorta DOCG Cuvee Prestige Extra Brut 46 Edizione, Lombardy, Italy

The essence of thirty years’ experience. Love of one’s land. The utmost expression of the soils of Franciacorta. Experience and intuition that, one harvest after another, form an intimate bond with the raw material – the grapes – and the long process that transforms them into wine. Edizione 46 – 79.5% Chardonnay, 1.5% Pinot Bianco, 19% Pinot Nero. Blend: 76% vintage wines 2020, 21% reserve wines 2020, 3% reserve wines 2018. Each single bunch was washed and dried. Fermentation: 7 months in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Maturation sur Lies – 25 months. The grapes are hand-picked and placed in small crates, graded and chilled. Every bunch is selected by trained eyes and hands, just before they go through our exclusive ‘berry spa’, a special whirlpool-like wash for grape bunches, consisting of three soaking tanks, followed by thorough drying in a special tunnel. After pressing in an oxygen-free press, all the musts of the base wines ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, where they remain until the following month of March. The wines take seven months to settle, mature and express the very best characteristics of their vineyards of origin. The wines are then carefully assembled in the ‘magical ritual’ that creates the cuvee. Only after aging on the lees for at least 2 years will this Franciacorta express all its richness and identity. Disgorgement is carried out in an oxygen-free environment, using a proprietary process designed and patented by Ca’ del Bosco. This procedure prevents oxidative shocks and makes it unnecessary to add sulfites, making our Franciacortas purer, more appealing and longer lived. Finally, every bottle is marked with a unique identifier to ensure its traceability.