Wyngaard Truffle Affiné

Wyngaard cheeses are first allowed to mature in special caves for a period of at least four months before they are refined with a selection of aromatic herbs. The caves are connected to the historical Reypenaer cheese warehouse, and just like in the old warehouse, the natural temperature fluctuations and humidity play a vital role in creating the characteristic flavors for which our cheeses are known. A special, secret process is used to merge the herbs with the segmented cheeses, during which the cheese gradually absorbs their flavours. The beautiful thing about Affine cheeses is that you can taste the herbs and cheese both as a blend and individually; making it an amazing taste experience. Truffle Affiné – These cheeses are first matured for approximately 16 weeks, then segmented and subsequently spread with a fresh summer truffle tapenade. The flavor of the mustard is gradually released into the cheese, and the result is surprising. You can taste the delicate combination of truffle and cheese as well as the cheese itself.