Urban Riesling 2018, Mosel, Germany

Nik Weis, the proprietor and winemaker at St. Urbanshof estate carefully crafts this wine from non-estate vineyard sources of the highest quality. The Urban riesling is a 100% Mosel Riesling and grows in the vineyards of the town of Mehring. The Riesling vines find perfect conditions on the steep slopes creating a perfect angle to the sun’s rays. The soil consists of blue, highly decomposed slate rocks that give the wines their great minerality. The temperatures vary from warm during the day to cool at night. This allows the grapes to keep their elegant and fruity acidity and makes them produce a wide variety of all kinds of beautiful flavors. The grapes are not de-stemmed. Slight maceration of the grapes, gentle pressing and gravity fed sedimentation. Temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Indigenous yeast fermentation provides complexity and character to the wines. Gentle filtration.