Turley Zinfandel 2016, Turley Estate, Napa Valley, California

After 20 years as a doctor of emergency medicine, Larry Turley started in the wine business in 1981 as a cofounder of Frog’s Leap Winery in Rutherford. Zinfandel was Turley’s favorite…he savored its bold flavors and no-holds-barred intensity. In 1993 he started Turley Wine Cellars, north of St. Helena along Highway 29. Turley’s wines leave no room for ambivalence. Many consumers consider the rich, concentrated reds iconic, while others find the “big boys,” as Turley calls some bottlings, stylistically over-the-top. Old vines are the key to Turley’s success. Their grapes can make the type of wines that Turley loves, with remarkable intensity and layered concentration. They also often have distinctive mineral character and lively acidity, which keep flavors focused even at advanced ripeness. Turley’s groundbreaking style was envisioned and executed by sister, consultant winemaker Helen Turley. After the 1995 vintage, Helen returned to her growing roster of consulting clients, and Ehren Jordan can aboard. Turley is as proud as ever to be the premier Zinfandel estate in Cabernet country.