Travaglini Giancarlo Gattinara DOCG 2017, Italy

100% Nebbiolo grapes from a restricted area in the Piedmont. The Travaglini winegrowing company, based in the heart of the hills of the Gattinara region, has 55 ha used for wine production. The composition of the soil which produces Travaglini wines is of rock origin. The Gattinara hills have the same mineralogical composition as the Alps: there are granites, porphyries, quartzes and numerous ferrous minerals, which give the ground its typical reddish color. The land is light, rich in minerals due to the presence of the rock sediments of Mont Rose, with a strong acidic reaction caused by the lack of limestone and containing little calcium carbonate and potassium. At Travaglini, a great deal has been invested in research and innovative technology: an analysis of the must, fermentation in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperatures and micro-oxygenation, thus obtaining a natural vinification process which is controlled on a technological level. There is a marriage of modern technology and the tradition of wood when it comes to maturing the Gattinara wine produced in this way: the Slovenia oak barrels closely guard and mature this ‘nectar’. A special bottle was produced, to that during ‘decanting’, the natural deposit can be retained. An elegant bottle especially designed for keeping and aging in cellars. Winemaking: crushed and macerated for about 15 days in stain-less steel tanks at controlled temperature. The wine is aged for 3 years, 2 years in Slovenian oak of different origin and size, then rest in the bottle for 3 months. wine Description: a deep pomegranate red wine; medium-bodied wine shows good depth in its red fruit. Soft silky tannins, with a good structure and intense mineral fragrance.