Town Branch Rye Whiskey, 750ml, Lexington, Kentucky

Town Branch® Rye is a spicy, robust whiskey style that has regained popularity in recent years, even in Kentucky, where bourbon reigns supreme. Traditionally known as the key ingredient in a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned cocktail, rye whiskeys are often chosen by whiskey connoisseurs and mixologists for their depth of flavor and spiciness. With Town Branch Rye, enthusiasts will appreciate the spicy floral aroma, the light notes of vanilla and oak, and the peppery warm, dry finish. Distilled by former President George Washington and popular across saloons until Prohibition, the history of rye whiskey is as rich as its flavor and aroma. Made from a mash of fermented rye grain, barley and corn, rye whiskey has a more assertive flavor than bourbon – its sweeter counterpart. The high percentage of corn in bourbon lends the sweeter, rounder taste to it.