Time Place Wine Company Rosé 2021, Sheldon Hills Vineyard, Lodi, California

It all started with the wine – a passion to produce single varietals that are vibrant and fresh, from carefully sourced vineyard sites. The inspiration was found in the truth that wine is a perfect reflection of time & place, the climate & season, the site & study, and that moment you share a bottle with friends & family. time: 8:02:59am | 2016-02-20 | saturday. place: stono river | johns island | south carolina 32.725334° N , -80.009358° W. artwork: john duckworth | “This was a beautiful, chilly winter morning over the Stono River. One of those days with no wind so the glassy surface of the river offered mirror reflections of the mesmerizing sunrise.” Vineyard notes: Organically farmed for 20 years. Redding gravelly clay loam soils. 40 dgree temperature swings from mid 50’s to 90’s make for a warm but tempered climate. Late May rains caused some significant shatter that loered yields to 3.5 tons per acre. Winemaker’s tasting notes: Pale shade of watermelon in color. Fresh, bold nose full of ripe peach, guava, orange blossom and ruby red grapefruit. Floral citrus peel in the background. Forward, ripe flavors of ruby red grapefruit, stone fruits and wild strawberry Jolly Ranchers. Finishes long and lean with lasting key lime and satsuma orange peel. 100% Grenache. Hunters Oak Vineyard, Lodi.