Sybille Kuntz Mosel Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2015, Germany

The Sybille Kuntz Estate is one of the very few wineries in Europe to have a woman Chairman and chief winemaker. Sybille has spearheaded herself to the top of Riesling production in the traditional male-dominated German wine industry. The Estate is in its 30th year, and has gained prominence and critical acclaim for their refined-drier style of Riesling. Their farming and vinification practices have been practicing organic since 1990, and in 2013 they achieved “Bio-Weingut” organic certification and then certified biodynamic three years later. At Sybille Kuntz, the average age of the vines are 45-80 years old, and the yields are always strictly reduced to 50 – 60 hl/ha. At the core of their production comes the hallowed ground of the Niederberg-Helden vineyard in the town of Lieser. These 60-90 year old vines are some of the oldest with [partial] original rootstock in the first growth Niederberg-Helden in Lieser. The yield is very low because of the intensive hand-work in the vineyard. “Kabinett trocken has a blue label to communicate the particular minerality of the blue devonian slate, the soil of the vineyards we work with. For Kabinett we also vinify grapes from the Pauls Valley in Lieser, a former side valley of the Moselle with steep slate slopes and old vines. The heat is collected here like in a parabolic mirror. The soil is 100% blue devonian slate and adds particular mineral notes into the wines.”