Sybille Kuntz Mosel Riesling Auslese Feinherb 2011, Germany

The Sybille Kuntz Estate is one of the very few wineries in Europe to have a woman Chairman and chief winemaker. Sybille has spearheaded herself to the top of Riesling production in the traditional male-dominated German wine industry. The Estate is in its 30th year, and has gained prominence and critical acclaim for their refined-drier style of Riesling. Their farming and vinification practices have been practicing organic since 1990, and in 2013 they achieved “Bio-Weingut” organic certification and then certified biodynamic three years later. At Sybille Kuntz, the average age of the vines are 45-80 years old, and the yields are always strictly reduced to 50 – 60 hl/ha. At the core of their production comes the hallowed ground of the Niederberg-Helden vineyard in the town of Lieser. These 60-90 year old vines are some of the oldest with [partial] original rootstock in the first growth Niederberg-Helden in Lieser. The yield is very low because of the intensive hand-work in the vineyard. “Auslese feinherb has a violet label symbolizing for the beginning of botrytis of the berries, when the berry skin is turning from a red-gold color to violet. During harvest the grapes are manually selected for only dark-golden almost violet botrytis grapes that have almost shrunk to dehydrated raisins. They are still a bit juicy and taste like fully ripe aromatic fruits. A number of the vines from the Grand Cru site Lieser Niederberg-Helden consist of old ungrafted Riesling vines of more than a 100 years of age that have withstood even the phylloxera. Already centuries ago Riesling wines from this site were among the best in the world.”