Sineann ‘Abondante’ Red Wine 2021, Columbia Valley, Washington

Sineann is a small producer of highly intense wine based in Oregon’s storied Willamette Valley wine country. Almost all of their wines are single-vineyard designated, with low crop levels to ensure that the best characteristics of varietal and terroir shine through. From the Winery: “With this wine we honor a few things. Abondante means “generous” in Italian. Our aim is to make wine that is generous in character for those that enjoy it. We also honor the “A” team that helps make this ambrosia and, specifically, Dante, our man of many talents, who keeps us so well fed.” This wine is a blend of grapes grown in the lower Columbia Valley. The wine is a blend of grapes grown in the Columbia Valley. There is Merlot from the Hillside Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon from the Phinny Hill Vineyard, Zinfandel from a couple of Lonnie Wright’s vineyards, and a pinch of Cabernet Franc. 2021 vintage: Merlot 46%, Zinfandel 53%, Cabernet Sauvignon 1%.