Sempe Armagnac VSOP, 750ml, France

In order to be called Armagnac, the brandy must come from the Armagnac region and production is tightly regulated. The Sempé family dates back to the 14th century. Commercial production began in 1932. The Armagnac is made from white wines from carefully selected vineyards and distilled only once through a copper alembic to provide unique, robust flavors. The Armagnac is then stored in black oak casks until the Cellar Master deems it ready. Sempé is the #2 Armagnac in the world. Sempé VSOP is extraordinarily smooth and fragrant. The subtle aroma of plums, prunes, and violets combine in the mouth to form an exquisite taste known as the velvet flame. Armagnac is best served in a pear shaped glass with a round belly and tapered chimney or a champagne glass as opposed to a brandy snifter.