Schloss Castell Estate Franken Silvaner Dry 2021, Franconia, Germany

The Castell family owns 70 hectares of the finest franconian vineyard sides. The majority is the white variety Silvaner. The terroir is characterized by a continental climate and gypsum skeuper soil, which gives the wines their spicy, strong note. A wet summer followed by a constant dry and seasonal warm September and October. This gave the grapes the possibility to ripen to perfection. Therefore, harvest started only in the second half of September until end of October. A careful selection of the grapes during the harvest, due to the wet summer, resulted in healthy, perfectly maturity vines. The Silvaner already shows great potential. Vinification: aged in stainless steel tank, a small part in big wooden casks. Aroma: green apple, Nashi-pear, stonefruits. Palate: fresh acidity elegant fruits, notes of hay.