Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir 2019, Bearwallow Vineyard, Anderson Valley, California

2018 – “We love the wildness of the Anderson Valley wine profile. For all the talk about house styles in wineries, we feel this wine proves our wines are products of place first and foremost. We take grape growing very serious and we feel all the quality of our wines comes from paying very close attention in the vineyard. Truthfully, once the grapes hit the winery, we don’t do that much to them. With this Rhys site, we never have much to contribute. Kevin and his team do such a great job of farming, we never have to ask for anything. We always head out to the site looking to make suggestions but usually we just take a quick walk, see that everything is perfectly dialed and then go have lunch. The two blocks that make up this bottling are especially fascinating in their clonal make up and corresponding cluster morphology. The wine these vines produce has a nice mix of red and purple fruit, white flowers, white pepper, baking spice, loam and licorice. The fresh fruit core has plenty of lift from acidity and fruit tannin. This wine, like the Platt and Occidental Ridge, will take a little time to unwind in bottle.” – Rivers-Marie