Ramsay Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, North Coast, California

2017 vintage – 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 3% Petite Sirah. “2015 was a stunning year for grape-growing in California’s North Coast and it truly shows in this wine. From the start of the season until the end, we had day after day of beautiful sunshine, blue skies and fresh and fragrant air. The vines responded by giving us a small, but perfect crop. For years, I have been finding better and better grapes for all of our Ramsay wines. This wine is made from is a blend of grapes grown in vineyards in Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties in California’s North Coast. I believe that this area is matched only, perhaps, by Bordeaux as the finest environment for growing premium Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere on earth. Each vineyard adds a nuance to the whole and the result is an amazingly complex, yet totally accessible wine.” – Kent Rasmussen, Winemaker