Peirano Estate Vineyards ‘The Immortal’ Old Vine Zinfandel 2020, Lodi, California

Gnarly, twisted and over 100 years old, Peirano Estate vineyards old head pruned, natural rooted Zinfandel vines continue to retain their ‘immortal’ status. They have seen 6 generations of Peiranos tend to them, utilizing many sustainable farming practices. After hand-picking into half ton bins for the most delicate transporting of the fruit, the grapes were lightly crushed into the tank for fermentation. Fermented on the skins to dryness, it was then pressed and placed in French oak barrels, 15% new wood. Aging in this way, it was important to maintain and uplift all of the fruit components while using the oak to support each flavor to its fullest. After bottling, it was allowed further aging time to micro-mingle its flavors. Tasting Notes: The color of this wine is truly Immortal. Its rich dark color goes on and on and on. The deceptively subtle aromas of this wine combine red current, raspberries, red cherries, with earthy cedar marrying together to put your olfactory senses into a new dimension. In the mouth, the palate is wrapped in a mysterious, velvety layered mix of raspberry cordial, sweet mouth filling red fruit, blackberry and red current, leading to a lengthy rich mouth filling almost breathless finish.