Pascal Aufranc Chénas En Rémont Vignes de 1939 2019, Beaujolais, France

“Off the beaten track, my estate is an old farm that emanates tradition through its beautiful stone houses overlooking the village. My home is also my workplace, perched on the hillside of Remont in Chénas. I am surrounded by woods, fields, and vineyards. This mosaic of landscape amazes me every day and gives my wines a singular expression and sense of harmony.” – Pascal Aufranc. Soil: plots situated at ‘En Rémont’ on western slopes; granitic soil with sand on the top. Vineyards: 4 acres of 73 years old vines – the vineyard being isolated, surrounded by fields and woods, the wine grower is able to practice ‘supervised control’ in his vines without potential interference from neighbors. Production: around 45 hectoliters / hectare. Winemaking: gritted vatting from 8 to 10 days, maceration in vats (pushing the cap down), aged for 8 months in vats, filtered through kieselguhr; bottled on the estate in prestige Burgundy bottles. Deep ruby robe. The wine seduces with iis rich red fruit fragrance as well as with its iris and dried flower aromas. The attack in the mouth is frank wtihout being aggressive. Elegant and racy with nuances of wood and flowers.