Ojai Vineyard Ojai White Table Wine, California

“We used to have a difficult time convincing people that our Ojai White and Ojai Red were any good. The name isn’t that catchy and with a ‘California’ appellation folks assumed we sourced the grapes from California’s Central Valley or some other questionable local. We spend lavishly on all the grapes that come into the winery – I visit the vineyards frequently during the growing season and work closely with the growers to get them to do the detailed work necessary to produce the best grapes. And yes it’s expensive, but with fine wine it’s all about the quality of the raw product. You can’t make superior wine from substandard grapes. As always, this white blend delivers a lot for the price. It’s composed of mostly Sauvignon Blanc, then dry Riesling, Chardonnay, and a small amount of the hybrid vines we have planted at our estate (Caminante Blanc & Ambulo Blanc). The palate is fresh and fleshy, with great dynamics in that way. It’s all about white flowers, melons and citrus, with some gentle toasty lees notes.” – Winery