O.P. Anderson Original Aquavit, 1L, Stockholm, Sweden

In Swedish history, aquavit – in Latin, aqua vitae, means the water of life – is first referenced in an early 16th century letter. O.P. Anderson’s Aquavit is the oldest aquavit of Sweden. Carl August Anderson launched it in 1891 in honor of his father, O.P. Anderson, who was a ship owner, proprietor of a liquor factory, and a member of the Göteborg City Council. Across Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as parts of Northern Europe, aquavit is the traditional spirit for festive gatherings, dinners, weddings and informal get-togethers. O.P. Anderson Aquavit is made with Swedish (CK) wheat; in addition, the classic spices are stored in oak barrels for six months, which add tannins and oak flavorings. At 40% alcohol, O.P. Anderson Aquavit is a versatile ingredient in new and classic cocktails. Eminently versatile, O.P. Anderson Aquavit may be enjoyed neat and chilled, paired with smoked fish and other Nordic cuisine, as a savory alternative in classic cocktails such the Bloody Mary and Last World, or as a base for new drink creations.