Neyers Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, Neyers Ranch, Napa Valley, California

This wine boasts a wide range of flavors here, including dark fruits like blackberry and cassis. The fruit is complimented by a selection of earthy spics, including cinnamon and nutmeg. Sometimes we also find subtle layers of tobacco, black olive and mint. 100% Neyers Ranch, Napa Valley. Barrel program: 100% French oak (40% new). The size of the crop was about 20% smaller in 2017 as well, mostly due to the cold, wet weather we experienced in spring during flowering. Grapevines are self-pollinating, and cold, windy or damp weather interferes with this process, a problem known the French call coulure. Ironically, the harsh spring weather of 2017 had a huge impact on the size of our crop. Still, this smaller crop ripened fully and evenly, and at harvest time we picked beautiful, dark-colored clusters under near-perfect conditions. The finished wine was immediately remarkable for its flavor and complexity, and the wine looks to be one that will improve for many years. Following harvest, the wine was fermented using wild, native yeast in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank. After 45 days or so, the tank was drained and the pomace pressed, and the wine transferred to 60-gallon French oak barrels, 25% of them new. During the first year, we racked the wine off of the yeast lees three times, and by May 2019 it had been sufficiently clarified to bottle without fining or filtration. “It’s loaded with flavors that range from wild cherry to chocolate, enhanced by the lovely hint of tobacco leaf and mint. Each aromatic component has its own individual fascination, but all of them together provide a remarkable experience. Here’s a complete Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that we expect it to improve for 20 years. It’s a from a very small crop that will provide decades of pleasure.” – Bruce Neyers