Mending Wall Stone On Stone White Wine 2017, Napa Valley, California

A new release from winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown, the Mending Wall is a delicious Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend. “To retain acidity and preserve the mouthwatering nature of the wine, malolactic fermentation is blocked. We favor a more grassy, steely profile in the style of white Bordeaux, and are excited to present the first vintage of this wine aged 100% in stainless steel. The Semillon brings an appealing fleshiness to the blend, lending the palate a sleek viscosity that the Sauvignon Blanc frames with nicely integrated acid and minerality. Because we take a hands-off approach to winemaking, you may notice natural tartrate crystals forming at low temperatures in this unmanipulated wine. We recommend storing it at cellar temperature, and suggest refrigeration two hours before serving. Mending Wall is the product of three families and the thing that brought us together, our love of wine. Here, there are no rules. No expectations. Just the freedom to follow that friendship, to let it unfold and take us new directions. The name Mending Wall comes from the Robert Frost poem about two neighbors who meet once a year to restore the boundary that separates them, the boundary that brings them together. Our winemaking philosophy follows a similar path. Mending Wall is about coming together to explore and question the established boundaries in winemaking.” – from the Winery.