Marietta Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon Game Trail 2018, Yorkville Highlands Vineyard, California

This south-facing vineyard is perched at 1400 feet of elevation overlooking the Yorkville Highlands. Coastal influence, warm days and rocky hillsides combine to create a Cabernet Sauvignon with extraordinary intensity and clarity. “The Yorkville Highlands are the mountain pass traversed between the north end of Alexander Valley and the west end of Anderson Valley. Our small block of Game Trail Cabernet is perched looking south from 1400 feet elevation upon that ridge. Coastal influence and large diurnal swings create small berries, thick skins, deep pigmentation, and tons of structure. Clone 6 Cabernet sets sparingly with berries the size of blueberries and no fruit to fruit contact, so it is cane pruned and left to hang as many clusters as possible. We find a purity in this wine: more acid and fore-mouth focused than other Cabernet, it is tart, bright, perfumed and refreshing.” – from the Winery