Marcel Deiss Ribeauvillé 2020, Alsace, France

Located in Bergheim next to Ribeauvillé, in the heart of the Grand Cru area, the Marcel Deiss estate was founded in 1947. The Deiss family is a long line of winegrowers, blacksmiths and bell founders who settled in Alsace after the Thirty Years War and the attachment of the Province to France. Currently managed by Mathieu Deiss with the help of his father Jean-Michel, the estate has fought for a more qualitative production, based on the terroir rather than on cloned grape varieties, the inclination to Biodynamics, very low yields, agroforestry and Biodynamics. This wine comes from the parcels of the Domaine Marcel Deiss located on the Ribeauvillé area (Gruenspiel, Hagueneau, Weinbaum). The limestone of the Muschelcalk, clays and quaternary intercalations (sandstone and gravel) deliver a tight dry wine, textured, of good thickness, mineral, initiating saliva palate but horizontal, massive and very long. The suggested colors are cold, stylized, and draw a landscape of great rigor but a deep beauty. Varietals: Compilation of Riesling, Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc. Terroir: Muschelcalk limestone mixed with clay with some quaternary intercalations (sandstone and gravel). Dry, chiselled, horizontal and dark wine.