Marcel Deiss Burlenberg Rouge 2017, Cru D'Alsace, France

Burlenberg, “The Burnt Hill”. Great red wine, wild and full-bodied. Of a volcanic and fiery temperament, it has a great aptitude for ageing. The characteristics of Burlenberg, come almost exclusively from the terroir, a silicified entrochy limestone, close to those found in the Côtes de Nuits (Clos de Bèze – lower Bajocian entrochy limestone). This soil is a wonderful home for Pinot Noir to which it gives a marked colour, a quality of tannins, a certain virility, and a great aptitude for ageing. The Beurot, present in small proportion, blends suppleness and elegance. Nose: dark, vinous, discreet mental colors: deep red, warm brick. Mouthfeel: lively, oval, sappy mouth; salivation in the middle of the tongue, fresh, peppery, lateral warmth, large volume. There is both horizontal calcareous tension and a warm, volcanic thickness. The length is impressive, tense, refreshing, with a compact, massive second mouth that comes back like a wave.