Lustau East India Solera Sherry, 750 ml, Spain

East India Solera is a sweetened Oloroso. The name refers to the East India Company, a British trading company that transported cotton, silk, spices, tea, saltpeter and other commodities from the East Indies. As a fortified wine (which lasted longer), sherry was taken along as ballast and to serve the ship’s crew on its transatlantic journey. In the 1670’s they started to notice that the wine actually improved after such a trip, becoming smoother and more complex. This can be explained by the constant movement (i.e. more interaction with air and wood) and by the exposure to high temperatures. East India Sherry which was brought back after a trip became very popular. East India Solera is made from a selection of around 80% Oloroso and 20% Pedro Ximénez butts that have aged separately. These are then blended and matured further in a 1|33 solera for three more years, in a specific part of the bodega that is hotter and more humid than the rest of the bodega. The result is a sweet wine that has around 130 grams of sugar, which places it in the Cream category.